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Frequently Wondered Questions

Do I need to subscribe?

While we do offer some free content, to get the most out of all of our resources, we recommend subscribing to one of our memberships. The basic membership - Wonder Girl - will give you unlimited access to all of our videos, as well as benefits of being part of the community that include discounts on 1:1 mentoring meetings and invitations to virtual live events. If you are interested in starting a company or learning about investing in startups, we highly recommend out Founder and Investor memberships.

If I subscribe to the Founder or Investor plan, what are mentoring groups like?

The mentoring groups for the Founder and Investor memberships will be formed based on availability, taking time zones into account. Your mentor will schedule a monthly virutal Zoom meeting. Group sizes will range from 3-5 students in addition to a mentor. They are a great opportunity to meet young women around the country who are interested in business!

If I subscribe to the Investing Plan, can I choose what company to invest in?

When you upgrade to the Investor membership, we will provide you with a list of female-founded startups affiliated with Wonder Year from which you can select one. You will be invited to monthly investor meetings with that founder. You may choose to direct your investment to a different company each month or continue investing with the same company. Unlike traditional investing, the dollars given to the company will not be returned and you will have no ownership stake in the company.

How do I cancel or upgrade my plan?

Login in to your account. From your member profile or by clicking your name on the navigation bar, select Subscriptions. You will be able to manage and cancel plans here. If you are considering canceling for a reason that you think we could fix, we would love to hear your feedback and keep you within the growing Wonder Year community.

What is a typical agenda for a 1:1 mentoring session?

The agenda is up to you! Our mentors are intelligent young women who have built successful careers in business. Any advice they share is their own personal opinion. Mentors cannot provide specific advice about personal finance strategies and are not intended to be used as tutors for non-business related coursework. Here are some good examples of things you may want to discuss:

  • Resume / Portfolio / LinkedIn Creation
  • Book / Podcast Recommendations
  • Passion Exploration Strategies
  • Day-in-the-Life (mentor industries are listed on the booking page)
  • Business Questions (ex. what is the difference between marketing and branding?)

Does Wonder Year offer any discounts or scholarships?

If you are interested in joining the Wonder Year community, but are unable to afford our plans, please reach out through the contact form and we will work with you to find a way for you to take part in our program.